Lean Car Rental

Developed to increase productivity with the best user experience

Real time allocation

Believe it or not!

The system automatically assigns the correct vehicle to each rental agreement, taking into account different parameters. Lean Car Rental manages availability not based in allotment, but in real time availability. Say bye to manual work!

Fleet management

Set the parameters...and the system will keep you updated!

Automate your fleet management to keep track of the vehicles’ maintenance and movements thanks to the alerts created by the system. Manage the tasks easily using our LogisticApp.

Fast pick-up process

Fast doesn't mean less quality

Guided pick up process to standardize it and increase sales. The main focus is always up selling.

Main features of Lean Car Rental

Credit cards management

No credit card storage. CC Validation and Tokenization for all reservations.

Credit card charges and refunds with just 1 click (no-show, prepaid, cancellations and so on)

Automatic rental agreement closing

Thanks to its automations, Lean Car Rental allows you to close rental agreements in the fastest and easiest way: complete the return information and… The system will automatically generate and send the invoice via email.

Reservation total life cycle concept

Reservation panel shows all reservations from created to returned. All in the same place, showing visual logs to know the changes made to each reservation at any time.

API integrations

Thanks to our API, it’s very easy for your partners to integrate with us so you can increase your sales. In fact, we’re already integrated with some of the most important brokers in the market!

We’re also integrated with AENA, making your life easier in case of operating in Spanish airports.

No duplicated profiles

Customer DB shared by every office, using match rules to identify existing customers so their profiles are not duplicated.

Multi-language communications

Customers will receive instant communications (confirmation email, pick-up/return email, rental agreement and so on) in their own language.


The system is adapted to all business cases. Depending on the rate type (net or gross), set which charges are to be paid by brokers and which by the final customer and the system will generate different invoices for each. You can also change the holder of an invoice with just one click.

Rates management

Very customizable and fast; change rates’ prices with just one click. If you have different rates linked to an original one, you can change the prices of all of them just modifying the master rate. This allows you to have an easy yield management.

Lean Car Rental allows you to customize rates so you can offer per-hour and/or monthly rentals.

Users’ management

Forget about getting confused with what section to use. Lean Car Rental allows you to create as many different users’ profiles as you want, giving them permit to only those sections they need depending on their role in the company.