Day-to-day operations were never this easy!

Fast delivery & return process

In the palm of your hand: Manage day-to-day operations easily

The app allows your staff to complete everyday tasks in a few steps. From pick up and return processes to vehicles’ transfers or maintenance tasks.

Main features of LogisticApp

Instant communication with customers

Immediately after your staff has completed the pick up process, the customer will receive an email with the agreement and the damages of the vehicle at that moment so there are no future complaints. And it works the same for the return process.

Indicate the real status of the vehicle

Whether it’s a pick up or a return, your staff will be able to indicate very easily the real status of the vehicle: fuel level, actual kilometers, mark new damages to the vehicle adding pictures, etc.

Bar code reader

The app has bar code reader, which facilitates the staff’s job by easily identifying the reservation and/or vehicle of the reservation.